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Let's all build logo the good party

The Good Party is a non-profit project with a simple plan to use open-source technology to take back democracy from big-money donors and crooked career politicians.

We’re calling on creators of the world to help us create the technology, messaging, visuals, audio, and stories that can reach and inspire millions of people.

We’re also building the tools needed to disrupt the two-party system, and get good indie/grass-roots candidates elected so that we can change politics for Good.

Help with any project you can from the list below or add your own. All projects are open-source and free for good.


Candidate Video Introductions


I am working on video introductions for each candidate. These are 2-minute informational videos (think Wikipedia) that allow people to see what each candidate is about and the positions they take. The videos should maintain an unbiased and dispassionate view of each candidate, focusing on facts, not opinions. I am looking for collaborators to help improve the videos' quality and to create a template that we can use for more candidates. We have all our data in a database, and we want to be able to populate the stats from the database. Please reach out if you have expertise in this area and can help. (I will post an example soon.)

Cameron Sadeghi

Explainer video for The Good Party

VideoSocial MediaInfographic

This is similar to the onboarding video I am working on. In addition to a short video inside the app, we need a more extended version that goes into more detail. A punchy explainer video that describes what The Good Party is and what we are trying to accomplish. I am looking for a copywriter and video editor as collaborators. Hit me up if you want to join the effort.

Farhad Mohit

Onboarding video for The Good Party

I am working on a video to get new people familiar with The Good Party when they enter the app. I envision the video to be short, concise, and entertaining. It should make sense if people want to watch as a rolling story or be able to advance and rewind each segment to understand each concept. I am looking for a copywriter and video editor for this project. I will link to a more detailed brief soon. Until then, please reach out if you have expertise in this area and would like to collaborate on it. 🙏

Farhad Mohit

Illustration or video explaining Voting Blocs


Voting blocs are the secret power of The Good Party. We need to do a better job explaining how they work. I am thinking of a set of illustrations or animations. I will link to a document shortly with ideas for a script and storyboard. I am looking for illustrators, copywriters, and animators to help me with this project. Please reach out if you can help.

Dan Shipley

Formatting help for our deck: A Plan to Fix Politics, for Good!


Here is a copy of our pitch deck. I use this for webinars and video calls to share the vision of The Good Party. As we get more volunteers on board, it would be super helpful to have this deck in different formats. We can also have different formats (Keynote, PowerPoint, Google Docs) and maybe even different styles that Good Party activists and volunteers can use to educate their networks. Go ahead and make a copy to create different versions. Reach out to me to coordinate the effort. I appreciate all the help.

Farhad Mohit

Share Images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

MobileSocialTik TokTwitter

I am working on share images for social media to explain The Good Party and to generate awareness. It's a fun small project. It would be good to target different demographics (younger, older, professional) with different tones (serious, funny, etc.) I am looking for different styles and ideas. Duplicate the Figma file to get started. Reach out to me to add your creations to the shared filed. 🙏

Kai Gradert

Sticker Variations


Our current stickers come in two variations: with a white background, and metallic holographic background that sparkle in the light. The current stickers are cool, but it would nice to have more variations. Hit me up if you want to jam on some ideas. You can duplicate the Figma file to create more variations. Share your designs with us (, and we might print them. And if you want to grab some of the current stickers, fill out the form below.

Kai Gradert

Holographic Logo Effect


I am trying to create a holographic logo effect on handheld devices. The primary color of our logo is white. The idea is that as you tilt the phone, you will see all the rainbow colors. Similar to those metallic surfaces, you sometimes see on concert tickets. I am looking for somebody with iOS/Android experience create this effect. Hit the “I Can Help” button to reach out.

Kai Gradert

The Good Party Logo Files

Here is a copy of The Good Party logo. You can use this for any of your projects. I will expand this soon into a proper design system.

Kai Gradert
Want to join the Good Party? We are always looking for good people to collaborate with!